Results & Benefits

Clinical Trial Results

A randomized controlled music intervention was performed to examine effects of customized music programming on agitation and depression in a sample of assisted living facility residents. Music programs were streamed to the rooms of individuals assigned to a music group for ~3 hours/day across four time windows each day, 7 days/week for 12 weeks. Reductions (27–54%) in composite scores on the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory, Neuropsychiatric Inventory, and Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia were rapid and sustained in both groups, with more significant reductions observed during the mornings than in the evenings. The usual increase in depression scores from morning to evening was smaller for the group at which the music treatment was directed. Creating an almost omnipresent musical atmosphere directed at the musical preferences and listening histories of residents in an assisted living facility reduces average levels of agitation and depression throughout the facility.

Study by Dr. Petr Janata, University of California, Davis, Center for Mind and Brain

Healing Benefits

Reduce Medication Use

Studies have demonstrated that individualized therapeutic music can reduce the amount of pharmacological intervention required for certain residents. With MusicFirst, communities may reduce medication expenses and provide a more natural process for helping residents to cope with a wide range of issues.

Alleviate Depression

By providing custom music and faith options that are tailored to individual preferences, our therapeutic products provide overall mood elevation and cognitive stimulation. Studies show that there is an inverse correlation between anxiety, suicide, depression and religious inclination and practice in older persons.

Reduce Pain Perception

Therapeutic music has been demonstrated in multiple studies to reduce pain perception, thereby reducing the need for traditional treatment options. Studies also suggest that religion and spirituality help patients cope with pain, illness, and anxiety, contributing to a positive state of mind

Cognitive Stimulation

Stimulating memories through music, faith, and media has long been one of the most researched areas within therapeutic music and the brain. It is the importance of individualized content which triggers autobiographical events and musical references and encourages residents to process information, use their imagination and recall special events in their lives. In terms of spiritual practice, meditation, in particular, has been shown to improve memory in cognitively impaired individuals.

Social Interaction

MusicFirst and CoroFaith have libraries designed to help activity directors and caregivers increase social interaction between residents. Through relevant content such as sermons, spiritual exercises, and music trivia, residents are grouped together to listen to engaging programs and participate in discussions. By accessing music and inspirational content from their past and from outside their current living situation, individuals additionally experience continuity with larger communities of meaning.

Spiritual Support

Spirituality and faith provide individuals with a sense of meaning and purpose, and help make sense of life’s challenges. In studies of spiritual and religious practices and beliefs, it has been shown that spiritual support contributes to an increased sense of peace, acceptance, gratitude, and leads to a more selfless state.

Aid in Digestion

Studies have revealed that implementing the correct music during dining aids in digestion, and encourages weight gain through positive associations and a relaxed environment. Prayers and blessings through the CoroFaith offering, enhance the mealtime experience.

Sleep Disorders

Music First individualized programs are specifically designed to assist with wake and sleep transitions. Music programs are designed with special attention to volume, tempo, key, instrumentation, and vocalization to ensure smooth transitions and help reduce the need for medication. CoroFaith supports the MusicFirst experience with morning and evening prayers, spiritual practices and meditation.

Heart Health

Over the past three decades, researchers have turned their attention to the effect of music on the cardiovascular system. The findings are consistent that changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow through arteries can be improved with the correct musical intervention.