MusicFirst is a therapeutic music streaming service specifically designed for healthcare environments. Our fully licensed library of songs (all from the original artists) provide individualized support as well as music programming for your entire location. This one-of-a-kind product provides a clinically proven process of building music programs and combines that with HD video options.
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More than Playlists

Our MusicFirst product was created by a team of music therapists, music designers, and neuroscientists. Our patented Music Prescription Builder incorporates the understanding and knowledge of the emotional, psychological, physiological, medical and behavioral nature of people and combines that with their personal music preferences. The results are are series of properly sequenced songs that create a supportive music program with a desired outcome.  This process is clinically proven to support individuals with a wide range of physical and emotional needs. Each music program may be combined with an appropriate visual library of HD motion videos to deepen the MusicFirst experience.

Clinically Proven Benefits

The science is in — music therapy is a powerful healthcare tool.

Reduce Medication Use

Alleviate Depression

Reduce Pain Perception

Cognitive Stimulation

Social Interaction

Spiritual Support

Aid in Digestion

Sleep Disorders

Heart Health

Why MusicFirst?

  • Fully licensed, complete music solution specifically designed for healthcare environments
  • Clinically proven Music Prescription Builder™ created by a team of experts in music therapy, music design and neuroscience
  • 25,000 songs with over 2,500 music programs
  • Original music by popular artists (from Elvis to Lady Gaga)
  • No commercials
  • Easy to use
  • Streams on any internet-enabled device or fully integrated via API

Clinical Results

  • 54% Reduction in depression
  • 48% Reduction in agitation

MusicFirst elder care survey:

  • 75% reduction in agitation during dining
  • 66% increased participation in activities
  • 42% increased appetite
  • 58% increase in ability to wake up
  • 29% decrease in wandering

So Easy to Get Started

A browser and internet connection is all you need!
  • Compatible with all Internet enabled devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.)
  • No special equipment to purchase
  • On-demand capability
  • Easy to read on-screen display
  • Month-to-month, no contract required
  • Simple, customizable integration through our API