The Science Behind
The Soundtrack​

A clinical trial and decades of peer-reviewed research back our philosophy of using music first — before invasive treatments — to improve health outcomes.

Clinically-Proven: MusicFirst Dramatically Reduces Depression and Agitation

Researchers at UC Davis’ Center for Mind and Brain examined the effects of Coro Health’s customized music programming in a controlled, randomized, 16-week trial of assisted living facility residents with moderate to severe dementia. The results were profound: participants exhibited rapid and sustained drops in depression and agitation as measured by the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory, Neuropsychiatric Inventory, and Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia. The findings were published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Music and Medicine.

Music program use reduced depression by 54%

Program use reduced agitation by 34%

MusicFirst Transforms The Resident Experience

In a Carlton Senior Living survey, eldercare providers at residential facilities using MusicFirst reported significant improvements across a broad spectrum of categories.

64% decrease in negative dining behavior

73% increase in activity participation

73% improvement in ability to wake up

55% increase in engagement

Research Shows Music Improves Health Outcomes

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