Create Connection and Purpose with Faith-Based Programming

Holistic interventions tailored to each
individual’s spiritual needs

Whether a person has nurtured a lifelong commitment to their religious practice or recently experienced a sudden spiritual awakening, research shows that faith-based habits can have a positive effect on mental health and quality of life. But the diversity and complexity of religious traditions around the world can make it challenging for providers to facilitate meaningful spiritual conversations with everyone in their care.

FaithFirst bridges that critical care gap, meeting individuals and providers where they are with a library of on-demand programming to help them navigate life’s most difficult questions and most meaningful moments.


Sacred Texts







Spiritual Support, Curated with Care in Mind.

A multi-faith audio and video library that supports spiritual and religious connection.

Unlock the healing benefits
of spirituality.

Enhance connection

Foster relaxation

Promote wellness

More Than Blind Faith

Modern science affirms what Peer-reviewed research shows having a spiritual practice demonstrably improves health outcomes. 

Evidence indicates faith-based habits:

  • Create shorter hospital stays among cardiac patients
  • Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Elevate mood and reduce the perception of pain

The Philosophical Foundation of FaithFirst

Learn how our proprietary multi-faith streaming service addresses a critical dimension of health care by keeping individuals connected to their religious traditions and faith practices.