FaithFirst is a philosophy of utilizing “faith or spirituality first” before (or in lieu of) more traditional forms of intervention. We believe that individuals and their caregivers should have access to more holistic interventions that are clinically proven, easily administered and immediately measurable. FaithFirst is the only therapeutic multi-faith streaming service in the healthcare industry, delivering faith and spiritual programs to over 1M people a day in over 5,000 locations.
Religious traditions, beliefs and spirituality sustain the human spirit. When we feel connected to shared communities of interest, life can be meaningful regardless of our current circumstances. FaithFirst keeps individuals connected to their practice when and where it is most needed. FaithFirst is an even more meaningful experience when you select HD motion imagery from our ever-growing visual library.

The Gift of Faith

FaithFirst is an audio streaming service that addresses the critical spiritual dimension of health and well-being. Individuals stay connected to their faith, even when they can’t attend their typical places of worship. Your spiritual service will be more personal when you select an HD visual to bond with any audio offering.
FaithFirst features top inspirational figures in religion, spirituality, and academia including Pastor Rick Warren, The Dalai Lama, Rabbi David Wolpe, Mother Angelica, Bernie Siegel, Theodore Roszak, Andrew Weil, and Wayne Dyer.
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The Power of Belief

Bridging research and spirituality, with an evidence-based offering.

56% of physicians believe faith influences health

80% of medical schools teach spiritual care

Shorter hospital stays among cardiac patients

Mood elevation and reduction of depression

Enhanced ability to cope with pain and illness

Increase of gratitude and a more selfless state

Hospitals perceived as meeting patients’ spiritual needs are more likely to have their care rated at the highest levels and be recommended to others.

The FaithFirst Difference

Research affirms the professional wellness community’s conviction of the importance of providing spiritual and religious support to individuals in their care. But with over 30,000 religious denominations in the U.S. alone, clergy, chaplains, and healthcare workers can find answering the need daunting.
FaithFirst presents a unique, individualized, and valuable resource offering support, inspiration, and nurturing when and where it is needed.

The Creation Process

FaithFirst is curated by a team of experts, drawn from academic, interfaith, spiritual, and religious communities.

The customized offerings are selected to provide continuity to the individual, within the broader context of the emotional, psychological and behavioral aspects pertinent to personal as well as group beliefs and practices.

Why FaithFirst?

  • Over 1000 hours of inspirational offerings
  • Hymns, spiritual music and sing-along
  • Handcrafted prayers and spiritual exercises
  • Meditations, scripture readings and classes
  • Interfaith Worship Services for everyone including multiple levels of cognitive ability
  • Hospice support and more

So Easy to Get Started

A browser and internet connection is all you need!
  • Compatible with all Internet enabled devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.)
  • No special equipment to purchase
  • On-demand capability
  • Easy to read on-screen display
  • Month-to-month, no contract required
  • Simple, customizable integration through our API