Play Everyone’s Favorites With Peace of Mind

CARE Radio leverages Coro Health’s Music Prescription Builder™  to provide entertainment within healthcare environments

Commercial-free Stations for Every Space and Situation.

With dozens of purpose-built stations, unlimited song skips, and dynamic playlist creation, you’ll hear something new every day. 

Intuitive Navigation

No training is necessary to operate CARE Radio’s simple and straightforward interface. Every station features hours of beloved hit songs by your favorite artists.

The convenience of an on-demand DJ

Our sleek, modern streaming player offers instant access to hours upon hours of musical programming: from show tunes to slow jazz, chamber music to country, pop and rock.





Music for the Modern Health Care Facility

Coro Health's suite of therapeutic and entertainment products provides a seamless solution for managing programming needs, ensuring compliance with music-licensing laws, and improving health outcomes.

CARE Radio is a fully-licensed radio service with a vast library of original songs by bonafide stars, from Bach to Bob Marley, Tony Bennett to Taylor Swift. Our archive spans decades, genres and musical styles: the perfect soundtrack for any occasion, at your fingertips and on demand.

No covers. No commercials. No fines. Coro Health takes responsibility for licensing agreements, allowing you to play new hits and old favorites while ensuring artists and rights holders are appropriately compensated.

The Music Prescription Builder™ was designed by neuroscientists, music therapists, and music designers to create personalized therapeutic playlists for individuals in health care settings. This patented process is clinically-proven to reduce depression and agitation by up to 54%.

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