The Power of Music

  • The Power of Music
    This is the second part of a series of videos from Coro Health that walks us through the lives of some of the people we have touched. Specific focus on how Coro can be utilized and a tool for Culture Change. Furthermore, Coro Health Advisory Board Member Leanne Flask describes the important of music in deep emotional details.
  • NOVA Short | Inside Oliver Sacks\’s Brain
    A PBS Documentary about the power music has and how people perceive it.
  • Musicophilia
    Oliver Sacks talks about Alzheimer\’s and the power of music.
  • Your Brain on Jazz
    Scientists have discovered that a large expanse of a musician\’s brain \”shuts off\” while improvising music. This ScienCentral News video explores a note-worthy study of the human brain.
  • Smart Talk – Music Therapy
    Music isn\’t just something you listen too, it can be a comfort in your every day life.
  • Music Therapy
    A New Perspective


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