Executive Team

David Schofman


David has had an extensive and successful career in building businesses and platforms that change consumer behavior. The inspiration for Coro Health was largely driven by his daughter with special needs, with whom music therapy has had a strong impact. The work she has undergone and progress she has made with the help of the Austin Center for Music Therapy, proves inspirational for his mission.

Furthermore, David’s mom has been a hospice nurse for nearly 25 years and has devoted her life to improving the lives of the elders. It is no surprise that this combination has lead to his passion and leadership in co-founding Coro Health. David is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin.

Erica Richardson, RN

    VP Business Development

Erica comes to Coro with over 10 years of executive experience within Long-Term Care, on both the sales and administrative sides. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, she is also a seasoned executive with excellent relationships throughout the long-term care and hospital industry. Her responsibilities include building Coro Health’s marketing strategy, full content review and refresh, marketing analysis and cultivating rewarding partnerships. Erica has been a professional musician for over 33 years. She began her honing her musical skills at the age of 12 years old, playing in the adult services at her church and a local nursing home once a week. Serving at the nursing home made an impression on Erica. She enjoyed engaging with the residents and providing fun and lively music as well as familiar hymns for the residents.

Over the years, she has been acutely aware of the power of music and its ability to bring joy, remembrance and reflection to everyone that hears it. She currently plays piano and keys on the worship team at Gateway Church in Austin TX. Lastly, her faith is very important to her and she believes in both the power of music and what Faith can bring to those in need. Her beliefs and concepts of Music, Faith and medicine are in direct alignment with the way Coro Health operates.

Brian Anderson


From 1997-2000, Brian worked as an investment banker for Deutsche Bank. In 2000, Brian co-founded Trade Up Commerce, an ecommerce company designed to help brands manage idle inventory. In the first few years, Trade Up Commerce developed a strong relationship with Callaway Golf, resulting in a sale to Callaway Golf in 2004. The name was changed to Callaway Golf Interactive, and the responsibilities expanded to cover all direct to consumer activities, direct marketing, consumer database management, website management for domestic and international sites, loyalty programs and seeding programs.

Like all of the principals, Brian has a very personal connection to music that drives his passion to create better lives for those in need. Brian has an undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Texas and Masters from Rice University.

Stephen Balkum

    VP Technology

Stephen Balkum has been leading best-of-breed teams for over a decade. He knows the difference between a technology company and a business that needs enabling technology. By using modern software development methodologies in cooperation with the business, Stephen leads teams that stay in constant communication with the business, and thus, repeatedly deliver to the needs of the business.

Most recently, Stephen was Vice President of Technology with Callaway Golf Interactive, formerly FrogTrader, Inc. Stephen joined FrogTrader while it was in startup mode and grew its technology department from the launch of Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, through the company’s purchase by Callaway Golf, and then the launch of Shop.CallawayGolf.com.

Prior to Callaway Golf Interactive, as 212 Studios’ Director of Engineering, Stephen Balkum led the development of 212′s patent-pending Storekeeper System. Storekeeper’s use of Balkum algorithms employing AI technology constituted a revolution in DB Management and Reporting Systems. Previously, Stephen led the development of the award-winning Jack Nicklaus 5 containing the most realistic 3-dimensional characters and scenery ever developed for a golf simulator.

Stephen was a member of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas focusing on infrared spectroscopy research. With data from McDonald Observatory and the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, he developed algorithms to reduce 10′s of thousands of images of the same stellar object to a single, super-high resolution image.