COVID-19: How We Can Help

A special offer during a time of crisis.

We at Coro Health have stepped into the fight against the challenges from COVID19 by offering our clinically proven streaming services MusicFirst and CoroFaith for FREE! We want to help connect and engage individuals in a healthcare setting who are feeling isolated from the world. Our programs have proven to reduce anxiety and depression – and therefore we feel it is our duty to open our outcome driven libraries for FREE during this crisis.*

Read the press release and comments from our partners here.

Please submit your contact information and we will provide you a custom link built exclusively for the residents and staff of your healthcare community. Access to both MusicFirst and CoroFaith can be through any Internet-enabled device (Smartphone, Tablet, SmartTV, Laptop, etc…). Our goal is simple, our gift is to support individuals and families in need. We are in this together.

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Program Benefits

  • Clinically proven* to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Reduce need for psychotropic medication intervention
  • Support transition to sleep due to difficulty coping with stress
  • Improve overall mood and elevation and cognitive stimulation
  • Stronger heart health based on blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow
  • Musical activities and brain games to support mental engagement
  • Connect with your spiritual support community
  • Provides hope to help reduce depression
  • Greater stress buffering effects during difficult times of uncertainty
  • Superior impact of psychological well-being
  • Relaxes anxiety levels from negative emotional fatigue
  • Provides spiritual connection to a higher power and purpose