Transcend Symptoms

Change is inevitable. It comes to us all. What really makes the difference is how we respond to the challenges we face.

When we’re dealing with changes centering on our health and well-being, we often have the tendency to focus on our symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Without support, nurturing and inspiration, we can often feel lost and overwhelmed. 

Of course it is important to pay attention to our bodies.  But we are more than just our condition and procedures. Especially when we are facing challenging moments, it is critical to be reminded that treating our feelings, our minds, and our hearts is equally important. With the right support, it becomes possible for us to bring our very best to whatever comes our way.  Coro health’s products are empowering and call upon both internal and external resources to meet the challenges as they arise. 

• Susan, LNV, MDS Coordinator

“Since the Coro Health audio system has been installed, three residents that previously qualified for behavior issues with Medicaid, no longer exhibit those problem behaviors. Susan said that the music, in part, positively affected those behavior changes. The residents seem more “bright eyed” in the mornings and that the common areas seem less stressful than they did previously.”

• Olivia, Memory Care Director

“One of our residents says in the morning, ‘I’m always awakened by this beautiful music, it’s very pleasant and such a delight to hear.’ Another one of our residents has shown decreased depression when he is listening and engaging in dance. For me, although much of the music is before my time, I LOVE IT! I grew up listening to oldies and the music has been therapy for me as well as the residents here, Thanks so much Coro.”

• Dr. June Shepard, PHD

“We are seeing very positive behavior changes. This could be revolutionary for these patients.”

• Dr. Bill Thomas, MD Founder of Eden Alternative

“The innovation is clever and, it seems to me, useful. Its highest and best use would, not surprisingly, be accomplished inside organizations that were engaged in a substantial culture change process.”

• Maritia Barham, Administrator – Victoria Nursing Center

“I firmly believe in MusicFirst and have personally witnessed the positive impact it had on the residents, family members, and staff at VNRC. Sharing the experience of creating a more personalized environment for each resident was spectacular.”

• Alice, Lead CNA

“I love the music and how it helps the residents. For most of my residents, music is the last activity that they can enjoy. Before the Coro Health audio system was installed, the noise from the TV consumed the common areas. The residents seem more engaged during activities and that the music makes for a more soothing environment. One time I was helping a resident transition from skilled nursing to the memory care unit. This particular resident was having a very difficult time with the transition. I utilized his Relax programs and sat with him. The music really helped him to calm down during a very difficult and traumatic time. “

• Dr. Petr Janata, University of California Center for Mind & Brain

“The power of music to bring back memories and move us, both physically and emotionally, is unparalleled.”

• Paul Gray, President of Colinas Healthcare

“MusicFirst reflects our company philosophy that a patient’s health improves if you proactively incorporate therapeutic music into their plan of care.”

• Rose, RN, Charge Nurse

“I have found that the Coro Health audio system helps to calm agitated residents. I have moved one of the tablets into the restorative room and the music helps to aid in reducing aggression, agitation, and general anxiety.”

*Names have been changed

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