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Customized religious and spiritual audio content from the tradition of your choice.

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Addressing the critical religious and spiritual dimensions of wellness

You will be able to access prayers, sacred text, Bible readings and meditations from your own tradition on your mobile device. CoroFaith: mFaith was designed from a broad range of beliefs and traditions for individuals in healthcare settings.

What You Need

A mobile device with iOS 4.3 or higher.

What You Get

For only $9.99 a month you receive access to customized audio content drawn according to your own preferences and beliefs from our world’s great religious and spiritual traditions designed to heal, inspire and support you and those for whom you care when and where you need it most.

Easy to Use

Select your choice of religion or spiritual community, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam or general spirituality. Then tell us what you’re looking for: a Bible text, meditation, prayer? Our program draws upon a library of over 1000 hours of content to provide you with exactly what you want, when and where you need it most.

Helping individuals stay connected to their community of faith 24/7

It is not always easy or possible for individuals to attend services or access their traditional religious or spiritual community in times of need. Whether you are seeking inspiration, education or comfort, CoroFaith: mFaith is ready to support your spiritual and emotional well- being.

Join the 100,000 people per day who are already revolutionizing the future of wellness through the power of Coro Health therapeutic music and spiritual content offerings.

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