Suite of mHealth Apps

MusicFirst and CoroFaith: The breakthrough suite of therapeutic music and spirituality mHealth apps are now available in the iTunes app store!

Revolutionizing the delivery of audio support for both individual use and professionals throughout the wellness community

Access your choice of personalized music therapy and spiritual content programs on any mobile device operating iOS 4.3 or higher. Our breakthrough suite of audio offerings is clinically-proven to enhance the quality of life for you and those for whom you care.

Easy to Use

Each of our offerings draws upon a library of over 1000 hours of audio content to create particular outcomes. You tell us what you want. We do the rest.

What You Need

A mobile device with iOS 4.3 or higher.

Our Suite of Apps

FREE to download and try!

MusicFirst: ElderCare For use with elders in home as well as in a broad range of healthcare environments. Particular outcomes include Energy, Relax and Sleep. Advanced options allow healthcare professionals to tap group Activity Music and Dining Music.

MusicFirst: Alzheimer’s Designed specifically to support outcomes for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and other forms of memory impairment as well as behaviors associated with Sundowning syndrome.

MusicFirst: Oncology Bringing individualized therapeutic music to oncology treatment settings. Designed to create a relaxing environment to support the individual’s immune system, increase oxygen levels, lower pulse rates and more.

MusicFirst: Expecting and MusicFirst: Calm Baby Designed specifically for use by expecting and new moms and dads, MusicFirst: Expecting and MusicFirst: Calm Baby provide both you and your baby with all benefits of the calming and soothing environment you deserve during those all important first years of life.

CoroFaith: mFaith The first mHealth app to offer individuals access to a customized audio library of inspirational readings, prayers, sermons and meditations from the religious or spiritual tradition of their choice. CoroFaith content was curated by a respected team of religious and spiritual experts drawn from the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic and Islamic communities, among others.

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